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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fairy Dust Duel

When we had to do our own subject in watercolour class the other week (I'm doing a short local course), I had not planned or prepared anything. Every week I tell myself that I will organise myself the night before, so that all I have to do is get up, dress, breakfast and out the door...but no, I always end up doing something i.e. studying to the wee hours, and then regret doing so the next day...

So this particular morning I was lost, sleep-deprived (aren't we all) and getting annoyed with myself for having nothing impressive to do in class. Upon rifling through my "artistic space" i.e. mess, I found a sketch I had started a couple of days earlier, grabbed it and power-walked to make the bus...

However, like Buddy from Cake Boss, as soon as I sat down in class, laid out my paints and brushes, got fresh water and started painting, my mind cleared, and I was in the zone, my happy-place. I tell ya, it's a really lovely place to be :)

So, this is the result...it was inspired by Amy Mebbersons' "Pocket Princesses", where she creates cartoons using in-jokes with the Disney Princess characters...so in my attempt at art-humour I used Crysta from the animated film Ferngully, and Tinkerbell, naturally :) The basic premise is that Tink is jealous, because Crysta's fairy dust is more impressive than hers (yes, flowers do grow wherever she goes in the film), and Crysta knows it :) If you are not familiar with Ferngully, I recommend you watch it sometime, as I feel it is a cartoon where the plot holds depth even when you grow-up! And with Robin Williams as "Batty Coda" and Tim Curry as "Hexus", you can't go wrong for entertainment value! :D

Happy Illustrating =D

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