"It's the little things in life which make it magical..."

Monday, 3 December 2012

Galaxy Gazing

So, you know how with my last post I said I was unorganised when I attended that art class? Well, last week was worse...I was down to literally my last scrap of watercolour paper, which was not even A4 size, and grabbed like seven images I had in my inspirations folder to potentially use as my subject for the class, but was gonna miss the next bus anyway...So I just sat in my chair and looked through images on my laptop whilst waiting to leave for the next bus, when I came across this image...
It's a gorgeous artwork from the Disneystore I found ages ago, and I decided then and there, that that's what I'd paint, a space-like sky with a mermaids' silhouette. It was such fun to do and quite simple, after so much self-induced drama. I just lightly drew a circle for the moon, then throughly wet the paper leaving the moon dry. Then made up lots of different purples, greens, blues, sloshed on areas of yellow and pink, before blotting on the darker pigments. It doesn't look really pretty until the paint and paper have done their magic, and then allowed to dry. I then made a dark red and purple and painted in the mermaid and rock. Then using white and the tiniest point of my brush dotted hundreds of dots to represent the stars :)

I hope you like it! It looks better in real life, as my camera does not do justice to attempted close-up photography (I'm working on getting a suitable one)...Hopefully your Monday wasn't too manic, and if so, remember there are so many little things you can do to still make it magical!

Happy painting =D

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