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Thursday, 13 December 2012


Having a movie-night is one of those things in life which brings me great joy :) Nothing beats chilling on the couch with a succession of good ol' DVD's. My family has never been big into the whole snacking during the movie thing, but when they do it's usually chips, and chips don't really do it for me... So here's something which did do it for me, and it only took 10 minutes or so to make! It's "s'mores" crossed with popcorn, thus the moniker "sm'opcorn"!

The beauty with sm'opcorn is that you can make it however you like, and using whatever you have available in your pantry, as there are no rules! Below is what I did, but feel free to use any type of chocolate you like, any type of cereal, use rainbow marshmallows if you want to make it look pretty, and you could even butter the popcorn first (I know you thought about it!) =D


- Popcorn
- Cereal (I used gluten-free nutri-grain, but you can use any cereal you like, such as branflakes, weetbix or milo cereal)
- White marshmallows (chopped in half)
- Dark chocolate (I used 100g, use more if you want it more like rocky road)


Line a large tray with some aluminium foil.

Make up the popcorn (I use a popcorn machine), and place a decent layer of it over the entire tray.

Sprinkle with the desired amount of cereal.

Place marshmallows on top, and grill for a couple of minutes until 'mallows are nice and toasted.

Meanwhile, melt desired amount of chocolate, and drizzle all over the mix when it has finished being grilled.

Place tray in the fridge until the chocolate is set.

Then you can break off chunks of sm'opcorn and consume as desired!

Happy Baking and Movie-nighting :D

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