"It's the little things in life which make it magical..."

Monday, 29 October 2012


Just a quick mini-sized Tinkerbell watercolour and pencil illustration...'cus fairies make you happy, when you need cheering up or motivation :D

Happy Drawing :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Alphabet Series - "G"

This is an illustration I gave my sister for her birthday...only 4 months later :P *artist's problems*

I took her love of africa and the letter of her first name as my starting point, and then I found a picture of a zebra-print shoe and knew I wanted to incorporate zebra-print into the dress somehow...I was surprised with how easily the design for this piece came to me, seeing as how with some which seem simpler take so much more planning!

I'm rather pleased with it, design-wise, there are flaws I see, but I didn't want to re-start it for a third time! And yes, painting the stripes did take as long as it looks! Hope you enjoy it :)

Happy Drawing :D

Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween Haunt

Finally, my second party-theme post! I’ve had these photos since last October (when I threw the party), but I was good and waited to show them until the relevant planning time :)
This was such a fun theme to do, and I didn’t really spend much money, by using many bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. So have fun with it, and use the Halloween season as a great excuse to throw a get-together with your friends!


I went with a slightly glam look, using black, white, orange and silver, as the colour scheme. Here’s a list of what I used to create the look, but by using what you have access to, your party will be uniquely yours!

·      Various paper lanterns for roof (newspaper, tissue paper)
·      Branch (painted black) in vase with baubles
·      Cauldron (old cooking pot)
·      Antique looking cake stand
·      Antique teapot with black fake flowers
·      Mushroom, owl and hand ornaments
·      Different silver cutlery
·      Orange candle holders
·      Large fake spiders
·      Black and orange plates and napkins
·      Silver teacups and milk bottles with ribbon
·      Sweets displayed in jars – Liquorice, black jellybeans, caramel popcorn


Planning the food is lots of fun! Halloween is perfect to get creative with giving normal foods a whole other creepy interpretation :) Here’s what I served:

·      Eyeballs (meatballs) with Pumpkin sauce on Maggots (risoni pasta)
·      Witches brew (raspberry and lime punch)
·      Eyeball cookie-dough pops (coated in white choc, and smarties)
·      ‘Vampire bite’ red velvet cupcakes (poke holes, and drip jam for blood)
·      ‘Spiders’ (Chang’s egg noodles mixed into melted chocolate)
·      ‘Ghosties’ (Milk arrowroots with glaze icing, smarties and half jellybean)

Games and Activities

Last year, we just ended up dancing like crazy-dressed-up-people to really loud Halloween-themed tunes! But here are some other activities, if your not keen to jump around the room like a kid on cordial!  

·      Boo boxes (Bowls containing food items (spaghetti, gherkins, porridge etc), covered by a box with a hole just large enough for a hand, then watch your guests squirm whilst they guess what they are touching!)
·      Costume Competition
·      Cluedo Board Game
·      Spooky celebrity heads (Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, Agent Kay etc)


Definitely recommend a themed playlist, adds a nice element to the event.

·      Purple People Eater
·      Monster Mash
·      Disturbia
·      Thriller
·      Ghostbusters Theme
·      Sweet Transvestite
·      Wild Thing
·      Born This Way
·      Bad Romance
·      Time Warp
·      Toxic
·      Phantom Overture
·      Werewolves of London
·      Don’t Wanna Let You Go (5ive)
·      Poison (Grove Coverage)

   Happy Haunting! =O