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Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween Haunt

Finally, my second party-theme post! I’ve had these photos since last October (when I threw the party), but I was good and waited to show them until the relevant planning time :)
This was such a fun theme to do, and I didn’t really spend much money, by using many bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. So have fun with it, and use the Halloween season as a great excuse to throw a get-together with your friends!


I went with a slightly glam look, using black, white, orange and silver, as the colour scheme. Here’s a list of what I used to create the look, but by using what you have access to, your party will be uniquely yours!

·      Various paper lanterns for roof (newspaper, tissue paper)
·      Branch (painted black) in vase with baubles
·      Cauldron (old cooking pot)
·      Antique looking cake stand
·      Antique teapot with black fake flowers
·      Mushroom, owl and hand ornaments
·      Different silver cutlery
·      Orange candle holders
·      Large fake spiders
·      Black and orange plates and napkins
·      Silver teacups and milk bottles with ribbon
·      Sweets displayed in jars – Liquorice, black jellybeans, caramel popcorn


Planning the food is lots of fun! Halloween is perfect to get creative with giving normal foods a whole other creepy interpretation :) Here’s what I served:

·      Eyeballs (meatballs) with Pumpkin sauce on Maggots (risoni pasta)
·      Witches brew (raspberry and lime punch)
·      Eyeball cookie-dough pops (coated in white choc, and smarties)
·      ‘Vampire bite’ red velvet cupcakes (poke holes, and drip jam for blood)
·      ‘Spiders’ (Chang’s egg noodles mixed into melted chocolate)
·      ‘Ghosties’ (Milk arrowroots with glaze icing, smarties and half jellybean)

Games and Activities

Last year, we just ended up dancing like crazy-dressed-up-people to really loud Halloween-themed tunes! But here are some other activities, if your not keen to jump around the room like a kid on cordial!  

·      Boo boxes (Bowls containing food items (spaghetti, gherkins, porridge etc), covered by a box with a hole just large enough for a hand, then watch your guests squirm whilst they guess what they are touching!)
·      Costume Competition
·      Cluedo Board Game
·      Spooky celebrity heads (Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, Agent Kay etc)


Definitely recommend a themed playlist, adds a nice element to the event.

·      Purple People Eater
·      Monster Mash
·      Disturbia
·      Thriller
·      Ghostbusters Theme
·      Sweet Transvestite
·      Wild Thing
·      Born This Way
·      Bad Romance
·      Time Warp
·      Toxic
·      Phantom Overture
·      Werewolves of London
·      Don’t Wanna Let You Go (5ive)
·      Poison (Grove Coverage)

   Happy Haunting! =O

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