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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Glowing Tinkerbell

Here's a little more Tinkerbell, just because she is a fun character to illustrate, and a great way to experiment with poses and techniques without having to design something new also!

I had always wanted to create a night-time background, but with a glowing fairy...and I'm rather proud with this, my second attempt at the look (no-one is ever going to see the first, besides yours truly!).

It took absolutely ages to layer washes of watercolour to get the smooth graduation, but the result is worth it :) This piece also gave me confidence that I can draw a pose straight-away, without too much pre-planning, to just go for it! And see, the proportions aren't too bad for painting straight, with no pencil prep at all!

Happy illustrating to all my fairy-loving-folks =D

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