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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Alphabet Series - "L" No. 2

This was one of the earlier alphabet ladies I embarked on, but it has taken until now for the recipient to receive it, and thus allow for me to share it with you!

There were many things I was proud of with this piece, and it's safe to say that I still like it now, which is a good sign! For, usually artists look back at old work and think that they were terrible, and can't understand why they were so proud of it at the time :P

I really experimented with creating colours for this one. I mixed a jacaranda colour for her eyes (inspired by Odette), a mint for her dress and a reddish-brown for her hair...I love the layout of the dress, it really captures a strong, yet graceful movement of fabric, as she dances the night away...I also love the look of the hair with its swirls and tonal graduation...

She was inspired by Anastasia, and she makes me want to draw more dancing ladies! But alas! I have another piece to show you soon, which is of a quite different project theme, and I think I will be doing a few more pieces for the new project, before I can go back and experiment more with the alphabet series!

Happy Spring-time! =D

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