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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alphabet Series - "T"

Here's another one of my Alphabet Series illustrations, which I gave to my sister for her birthday. I used 185gsm paper as opposed to my usual 300gsm, and surprisingly it went well! I was worried that being thinner, it would buckle too much in the areas where I use a lot more water (i.e. layering up the dress to get the gradual shading), but it didn't! So it shows that you can't be skeptical, but need to first give new things a try :)

There is so much I love about looking at this piece; her barrel curls swept to one side, the 50's style dress, her bambi-green eyes, the style of the letter "T", and the sky-high heels :) After preparing this post, I really want to embark on another piece, but also as it is formal season, and I have naturally been looking at all sorts of gorgeous dresses! Thus, I have come across many a picture with some point of interest, be that a hairstyle, body-pose or style of dress...so hopefully there are some illustrations in the works :) I would however, like to build upon this current look by adding a little something extra, but I don't know what direction I'll go yet, as I'm a bit stuck in my current comfort zone. So, I need to follow my own advice, and just experiment, and not worry about producing a frame-worthy piece every time I use a piece of paper!

Happy fairy dusting your life!


  1. Gorgeous as always. Really love the colours. Could definitely see these illustrations being used on crockery. Would make a beautiful plate or tea mug.

    1. Thank-you so much for the lovely feedback! #mademyday :D