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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back To School Party

Sorry for the absence my LPOFD (little pinch of fairy dust) friends, I'm now back, and ready to bring you more cute and joyous things to do in your free time this coming 2012...

It’s been a long time coming, but here is my first party-theme post!

To celebrate the imminent recommencement of studies for the year, we had a little celebration Old-School-style. It was great fun dressing up in School-girl-esque attire (think netball skirts, long socks, pigtails and ribbons) and eating from our very own ‘tuckshop’ filled with scrumptious mini-foods and treats, before settling down for a Glee marathon sesh…such a fun night was shared by all!

This party layout would work equally well for a “School’s Out” celebration or a School Breakup shindig. Even if you are no longer in School, this theme is even more fun due to the cute nostalgia of it :)

Here’s a list of the ideas and items you can use to re-create the look...


·      Red, green, black, white and wood colour scheme
·      Mini blackboard
·      Locker
·      Jar of paintbrushes
·      Pile of books
·      Drawing mannequin
·      Apples
·      Owls
·      Milk bottles with ribbon
·      Posters of celebs and pictures of your memories
·      Paper bags
·      Milk cartons
·      Giant stationary
·      World map globe

Tip – You could make your event look more primary school or more high school depending on the little features you incorporate.


·      Milk and cookie shots
·      Whoopie pies
·      Apple cake pops
·      Mini sausage rolls
·      Mini sushi rolls
·      Lolly jars in theme colours
·      Mini pizzas
·      Individual serves of nutella (in mini bowls with paddle-pop sticks)
·      Mini sandwiches in various cookie-cutter shapes
·      Mini jam doughnuts
·      Lamingtons
·      Meat pies

Milk and Cookie Shots

Whoopie Pies

Mini Sausage Rolls and Sushi

Apple Cake Pops

Tip – You could do mini versions of your favourite tuckshop/canteen food, lunch-box inspired foods, or foods which are simply cute and thus ‘kiddy’.

Games and Activities

·      Film and TV – Watch Glee, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You etc
·      Choir practice - playing karaoke
·      P.E. - Wii sports
·      Maths - Uno, Cranium
·      Business - Monopoly
·      Recess - Eating!
·      Drama - Sharades/Guesstures

I hope that you are inspired to throw your own party as you head back to Work or School, taking the opportunity to celebrate, simply for the pleasure of embracing all those random events in the year besides your typical birthday and Christmas festivities! For there is always some special day or event upon which one can utilise an excuse to throw a themed par-tay!

Happy Celebrating.

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