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Friday, 13 April 2012

Princess Series - Tigerlily

Sooo I finally finished Tigerlily and I'm really happy with her : ) Even though I was pleased with the hands on Tommelise, I'm even happier with Tigerlily's! I love how she's more "cartoony", but also how the colour is vibrant, whilst the paint retains its watercolour-look as opposed to being thick like it was for Kida. Although it takes ages doing ultra pale washes and slowly layering them, and blending, blending, blending, the result is so worth it!

It's funny how looking back at my other pieces you can see all those little improvements which are helping develop both my style and skills, albeit only being works from the past few months : ) I'm in a good place now, where I feel that I'm ready to start creating for people who are interested in purchasing my work, as I'm comfortable with the standard of the pieces I can produce : ) So if you're interested in a commission contact me by email!

I just adore cartooning at the moment, and Amy Mebberson is my new fave, especially her "Pocket Princesses." They are the cutest cartoons, with clever Disney-reference humour : ) Makes me want to do something from "Princess and the Frog" or "Brave." Well, I'm off to the "drawing board"! mmm or to bake something? Ah life's tough decisions : D

Happy Drawing...

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  1. This is so beautiful. I love the colour fade. And those colours go so well together. Imagine if you got commissioned to have a dress like this made in real life. It would be so fluffy and elegant. :)